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Rushing wave of digitization
High-definition programs viewed and recorded on personal computers
Blu-ray plays a principal role in the video lifestyle
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Stable and secure with large data capacity
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Methods for using a Blu-ray Drive
Technologies of Pioneer

Blu-ray is a recording media that inherits all the virtues of DVDs and CDs and other such conventional optical discs, and includes other new features such as "50GB double-layer capacity", "36Mbps high speed data transfer", as well as "high compatibility and stability". It is therefore possible to further increase the performance of personal computers by replacing all sorts of products with Blu-ray, including DVD recorders, audio systems, portable devices and other equipment that uses optical discs.


Let us consider the benefits of using Blu-ray in the disc drive of a personal computer. Since the capacity of a Blu-ray Disc is comparable with an HDD in a compact laptop computer, it is optimally suited as a medium for backing up important data. If an external Blu-ray Drive is used, the disc can be removed except when backing up data; a single disc can be used to back up data on multiple computers. The fast data transfer rate during the backing up of data reduces waiting time and it also features superior usability, which are significant benefits.

For businesses, a Blu-ray Drive can be used to hand over and synchronize data between multiple computers, which can contribute to increased operational security by avoiding the use of a network. For home use, it can be used in conjunction with backup software in order to store the basic configuration of a computer used by children. It is possible to replace the data on the HDD to its original condition periodically to prevent children from coming into contact with inappropriate software and content.

Recording high-definition programs from terrestrial digital broadcasts


High-definition programs can be recorded with a retained picture quality over a long period of time with Blu-ray. Since the writing rate is high speed, it is not necessary to store a recording on the HDD first before transferring the data onto a BD. Various programs automatically selected with EPG can simply be recorded one after another by making use of the large recording capacity, which is one potential convenient use, and operations, such as searching and viewing programs that have been recorded, can be performed with a high agility. There is no doubt that a user would be extremely satisfied with the picture and sound quality and Blu-ray can serve as the core component of an audio visual system for the programmed recording of television broadcasts.