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Blu-ray is a new standard that is completely different from a standard conventional DVD. The structure of the disc, therefore, is vastly different from that of DVD, even though at 1.2mm the thickness is the same.
The structure of a DVD is a pair of discs with a 0.6mm thickness joined together, with a recording layer known as a "reflection film" trapped in the middle. Single-sided dual layer-type DVDs have also been released and these have a non-transparent reflection layer and semi-transparent reflection layer attached together, with a transparent layer between the reflection films. The basic difference between the single-layer and double-layer structure is whether or not there are semi-transparent and transparent films, therefore there are no significant differences in terms of the overall structure.
In comparison, the structure of the BD is such that a recording layer is formed on top of the "substrate" with a 0.1mm thickness layer covered over it. In other words, whereas the laser focus on the DVD is located at 0.6mm from the surface of the disk, the focal point of the BD is at a 0.1mm depth. Since the recording layer is close to the surface of the disc, the laser beam passing through the disc is less likely to be subjected to optical influences, making the writing and reading of data stable.


There are three types of BD (Blu-ray Disc). Although they all share the same physical shape of an optical disc with a diameter of 12cm and a thickness of 1.2mm, they differ depending on whether they are read-only, or if data is rewritable, etc.

Recording high-definition programs from terrestrial digital broadcasts