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Rushing wave of digitization
High-definition programs viewed and recorded on personal computers
Blu-ray plays a principal role in the video lifestyle
So get started with Blu-ray right now
What kind of technology is Blu-ray?
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The true value of Blu-ray is in its ability to record high-definition video images with a long recording time through the utilization of a large capacity disc. It is of course also possible to benefit from the advantages of Blu-ray with its long recording duration and high picture quality videos and analog videos, which have been widely used. In other words, it is also recommended for people who still do not have a lot of opportunity to come into contact with high-definition television program broadcasts.

Is there anyone who is still holding onto an ancient video player, surrounded by a large number of video tapes, and unable to throw away precious video on tapes? @Unifying recording media is the most crucial point for improving usability when keeping a large number of videos. Why not implement Blu-ray, which is about to become the mainstream in recording media, to dub and sort out recordings stored on DVDs, CD-Rs and video tapes?

Blu-ray, with a capacity of more than five times that of DVD and over 60 times that of CD-R, can potentially store into a single disc all video recordings which used to be stored on video tapes filling an entire wall. Furthermore, Blu-ray is a "global standard" closely linked with personal computers, audio equipment, game machines and also, in some cases, household appliances and car audio systems. Hardware manufacturers, including Pioneer and principal software manufacturers, as well as movie distributors, are participating in the standardization, so consumers can start and continue using Blu-ray with peace of mind.

Blu-ray also offers significant benefits as a recording media for personal computers. There are significantly more occasions for personal computers nowadays to handle large quantities of data. The usability of AV personal computers, which are used to manage data of various media, such as television program broadcasts, the internet, and retail DVDs, at a single location, expands dramatically simply with the installation of an external Blu-ray drive that features a large recording capacity.
Many power users consider Blu-ray as a viable medium for backing up data on HDD, while it can also be used as a storage medium for data requiring high levels of security, such as confidential corporate documents or personal information.