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High-definition programs viewed and recorded on personal computers
Blu-ray plays a principal role in the video lifestyle
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In addition to the conversion of television broadcasting to high-definition broadcasting, increases in the number of fields in which high-definition videos and Blu-ray can prove to be of great benefit are accelerating. Models that feature high-definition video recordings, for example, have been emerging among video cameras for home use. This is becoming a hot topic, since it means that anyone can easily record high-definition videos.

It is only natural that everyone wants to capture video images of their precious children or lovely pets as much as possible in a beautifully accurate way, while the 16:9 inch screen format is suitable for viewing on wide screen television sets. Captured high-definition video can be copied onto Blu-ray Discs and handed out as cushy gifts to guests at birthday parties or wedding receptions, or a high-definition video letter produced for grandparents living in the countryside could certainly bring joy.

Scenarios in which Blu-ray can be actively employed are widening, including video software and applications for personal computers. Game machines for home use now have a Blu-ray drive built in to feature capacities that exceed 20GB per disc side, allowing the use of innovative games with realistic video imagery. The world of fun expands significantly.
High-definition television programs have become a common broadcasting format and since the replaying environment in households is being established DVDs of movies and sports content sold in the market will change to high-definition specifications using Blu-ray. The expression of each individual audience member in a crowd is perfectly depicted, while the individual lettering on the uniform of athletes running around on a pitch can be clearly identified, or the trees in the distance shown in the corner of a frame clearly show the rustling movement. These are inspiring video images full of realistic feelings that can be enjoyed to the fullest with high-definition video. Our future, wherein media with larger capacities are essential, is just around the corner.