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Rushing wave of digitization
High-definition programs viewed and recorded on personal computers
Blu-ray plays a principal role in the video lifestyle
So get started with Blu-ray right now
What kind of technology is Blu-ray?
Stable and secure with large data capacity
Structure and types of Blu-ray discs
Methods for using a Blu-ray Drive
Technologies of Pioneer

We have experienced the era of the CD followed by the era of the DVD, and now we are entering the era of the BD (Blu-ray Disc). The distinct change in the era is about to occur right now. These media are all optical discs with a 12cm diameter so it may not be possible to perceive the drastic change that is occurring from visual impressions alone. Blu-ray is an epoch making media that exceeds DVD in the way it “changes the style of entertainment”.


The nationwide launch of terrestrial digital broadcasting is finally about to start. A decision was made to terminate terrestrial analog broadcasting in July 2011.
Terrestrial digital broadcasting features high-definition (Hi Vision) broadcasting with high image quality. Overwhelmingly high quality images and high grade sound quality, not possible with analog broadcasting or DVD, are available for your enjoyment. In order to make it possible, however, there is a significant increase in the required amount of data. The recording of full specification programs with a long duration is not possible with DVDs, as the capacity is only 10GB, even using dual-layer discs. Blu-ray discs, on the other hand, can claim a recording capacity of a different magnitude, with 25GB on one side and 50GB on a dual layer disc, plenty of room to store high-definition video and surround sound.

Recording high-definition programs from terrestrial digital broadcasts


In addition to the digital broadcasting of terrestrial, broadcasting satellite (BS) and communication satellite (CS) multiple channel broadcasting is pushing forward in a burst. Furthermore, hard disk drive (HDD) recorders have become available, which can record multiple programs simultaneously, along with the electronic program guide (EPG), providing program information that can be used to search and record programs, now a common feature. This trend is about to change the style of “viewing a program” in a dramatic manner.

Any program that might turn out to be interesting, as well as soap operas, sporting events or movies, can all be recorded one after another, so that anyone in the family can view any program he or she likes, at any time and anywhere he or she desires. Such a personalized viewing style will become mainstream in the future. If this is achieved, however, the amount of recording capacity needed to store all those programs will become staggering. A series of soap operas with a high-definition picture quality can be collected on a single disc or a commemorative disc can be created by recording an entire season of soccer matches. All this is possible with discs that have a large capacity, such as 25GB or 50GB. Saving storage space with a superior retention capacity for recorded data over a long period of time is also an important aspect.

Recording high-definition picture quality video on discs